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Mmmmm Beer.....

Sit Back and Enjoy Your Huge Schadenboner* As You Watch These....

h/t to JEFFLI for the first one

Taking really, REALLY immense take pleasure in the misfortune of some loathesome person-like creature. Really beyond garden-variety schadenfreude, an incident of schadenboner enduring beyond four hours implies the tumescent owner must seek medical attention.

How To Really Piss Off Some Progressives........

H/T to reader John N.

MSM And Democrats Tout Victories in NJ and VA/Warns Trump To Take Heed

Come on people, it was two BLUE liberal-ass states in case you have not noticed! VA which is eternally insulated from the woes of the economy due to the large number of it's citizens employment being on or related too military bases is not litmus test for the political or economic climate representing the entire country. Then we havethe demokrap kandidat from VA who actually flip-flopped on several of his key political positions to sound more like Donald J. Trump. Another point to consider is how many people live in VA and work for .gov in DC. I am not being critical of these peoples vocations, but they are not farmers or small business owners who tend to be more conservative due to the fact they have to deal with ridiculous regulations, fees, and .gov bureaucrats, inspectors, etc.  Then there was the race in NJ. Look what the voters had to choose from in the form of candidates. While I would never wish to concede anything to DemoRats, Chris Christie is a RHINO and in many way is WORSE than many demokratiks. I would not doubt that Kim Jung-un would have ran Christie a close race. We will never see the headlines like this, but the real story should read:


Image result for no democrats image

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Worst Church Shooting/Mass Killing in TX History?

"Borrowed from Wirecutter at

Miracle Gro... Now For Dogs!

I had two of them growing up as a teenager.

One was a red/white Bel Air two-door hardtop (like the first one in the video) and the other was a 210 post two-door. It was gray when I got it, but I had painted it black. Then I added multi-colored flames down the hood and front fenders. I still see one on the road every now and again and am reminded of my "Glory Days"                                 


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Something A Little "Lighter" / Enjoy

Borrowed from "Chief Nose Wetter"

Far-leftist teacher goes off on student, claims to know more than the dictionary .. This Kid Is Awesome....

A liberally diseased social justice warrior teacher just got owned by a young student. The teacher also said she's smarter than a dictionary, but doesn't know the definition of terrorism. This student held his ground and had many great points, but the teacher is a complete idiot. She then said "people like you" and proves again she's far left and big time stupid.

If you can stick with the video you will see how discourse has devolved in this country.

Here's a description from the "latino" student:

She was talking loudly about Trump and I am one of the few right-wingers in my school. So she asked me why I supported him seeing as how I am Latino, and he hates us. I responded saying that he doesn't hate Latinos, he just wants to remove Illegals from the US. It then shifted to how there are a war on blacks and other minorities because of cop killings, and stated that the FBI statistics I was using were skewered because it was seeded on white supremacy. It finally shifted to where she said how when its a Muslim attack, its labelled terrorism, but Vegas was not since he was white. I told her that so far, unless something turns up, we have not found any political or religious aims, and therefore it cannot be viewed as a terrorist incident because the definition of terrorism states violence in the pursuit of political aim (((anti-fa))). At that point, she claimed multiple times the dictionary was wrong and that she knew more than it. I was only able to capture 90% of the confrontation. Sorry for low quality and my slight stuttering, it comes and goes randomly I have no idea why.


Yesterdays....Firing Up A Steam Locomotive......

The locomotive seen in the video is D&RGW #491, one of the largest narrow gauge locomotives ever created.


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Friday Femme Fatale......

Expensive Cabin ..... But Not If You're The CEO Of A Building Systems Company...


I couldn't afford the movie curtains.....

A much better video and description  is HERE<<<< 

I'll have to play the lottery this weekend!

Mosin Nagant M91/30 PU Sniper Rifle

I posted this as a follow up to the spoof M44 meme I put up yesterday which received several comments. The straight up (what used to be $59.95) Mosin 91/30 is a good "idiot-proof" fun to shoot rifle that everyone should own at least once. The ammo is fairly inexpensive for a "high powered" cartridge too.  With that said, here is a little information on another version of the 91/30 and that is the "sniper" or PU scoped version. The first one of these I ever bought was a 1939 dated Izhevsk rifle with a PU scope mounted to it. The bore was dark and the stock was rough. Still, it was a tack driver. Though manufactured by Izhevsk, the rifle had been remarked "SA"  which is Finnish. I supposed the gun had been recaptured in the Russo-Finnish war of 1939 and found it's way to the United States in the glut of surplus Mosin's which were imported during the 1990's and early 2000's. The old Mosin had import markings on the underside of the barrel near the front sight. Eventually, I traded that one away and  ended up buying another app. eight years ago. The "story" at that time was app. 1,500 sniper rifles had been found in a warehouse in Poland. This lot of rifles had been carefully packed away at the end of the Cold War. Each had the scope matched to the rifle. These were imported and sold to various gun dealers across the country. The rifles were some of the nicest of this type I had ever seen (a friend of mine worked with the fellow/company who imported them so I got to see lots of photos, etc.). The one I ended up buying had a bore that was near mint. These guns hit the market in $1,2000.00-1,500.00 range. I got mine for $460.00 including shipping. It is 1942 Izhevsk. Out of the box and with only minor fine tweaking I could consistently dust clay pigeons at 100 meters. It is deadly accurate. Though I've never attempted a shot at the range shown in the video, I feel confident the rifle is more than capable.


Gun Review: Sniper M91/30

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Forgive me if I've posted this before, but it simply is the ABSOLUTE TRUTH!

I'm Shocked!.. MASShole Politicians Fucking The Taxpayers ??

Investigative Reporter Eric Rasmussen found several legislators cheating the system after he spent the entire week of Thanksgiving 2016 at the State House – taking attendance on every lawmaker who showed up and later checking that against their daily commuting logs.

25 Investigates found state representatives Sean Garballey of Arlington, Paul McMurtry of Dedham and John Mahoney of Worcester all collected tax dollars for commutes to the State House that they never made under the per diem program.

The program paid lawmakers for every day they drove from their homes to the State House – payments ranging from $10 to $100 a day based on how far they had to travel.
Taxpayers have shelled out more than $1 million for the commutes since 2014.


They should be made to pay back double the amount they stole....

If anyone thinks Antifa is not serious about causing trouble on November 4th, here is the full-page ad they took out in the New York Times newspaper Wednesday (Nov 1st):

 Leading up to November 4th, there have been scattered protests. Leading up to November 4th, there have been scattered protests. September 26, 2017 when members of the group blocked rush-hour traffic for on Highway 101 in Los Angeles.  CHP had responded when the photo was taken.

 Their FACEBOOK page is here<<<

I’m not sure how the irony of a bunch of Communists “refusing fascism” escapes them, but somehow it does.

According to refusefascism website, this is their official list of cities where activists will be gathering on November 4th

Los Angeles
New York City
Pittsfield (Mass ?)
San Francisco
If you follow the money....  Refuse Fascism is a ‘project’ of the Alliance for Global Justice.  With ANTIFA being an off-shoot.

The Alliance for Global Justice (AfGJ), a registered 501(c)3 tax exempt group in the USA., and received $2.2 million in funding for the fiscal year ending in March 2016. The group's biggest donor is the Tides Foundation.

The Tides Foundation is yet another 501(c)3 non-profit, funded by billionaire George Soros.

·         Mr. Soros is funding the above.
·         Mr. Soros is funding other Marxist & Communist Groups in the USA and Canada.
·         Mr. Soros is funding Black Lives Matter (BLM).
·         Mr. Soros is funding Antifa in Europe.
·         Mr. Soros is funding the transportation costs for moving ‘refugees’ from North Africa and Syria to Europe and the UK.

…Anyone other than me see a pattern here?

Let us hope and pray that none of these events become violent, but we have seen violence from Antifa on numerous occasions since the election, and this is an organization that says that “the use of force is intrinsic to their political philosophy”.

Sent in by reader Mark C.

♫♫ Changes..... Tesla.... ♫♫

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At That Moment, All Was Well.....

 Nights are getting cooold around here.....

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Back In The Day... The Late 50's

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CIA Supected Hitler Alive in South America At Least Until the 1950's After Surviving WW2

I'm always skeptical of "grainy" pictures, but anyhow, here is the STORY.

When I see one of these types of stories, I always think of this movie and the scene at about 10:14 (couldn't get it to copy url at "current time").


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More Cultural Genocide: The Church Where General and President George Washington Attended Is The Latest To Cave To _____________ (fill in the blank)

No longer is it just Confederate monuments that are in danger of being removed. Church leaders at the Christ Church of Alexandria have decided to remove a memorial which for years had honored the legacy of George Washington in order to make the church "more welcoming". 

Related image

Read the article HERE

H/T to James in Georgia

Coming To A "Hive" Near You?

H/T to Bob in KY

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Friday Femme Fatale......


This Is Amazing... Enjoy...

Borrowed from chickenmom, thanks!

Be sure to watch it to the end.

some info on Ray<<

Then, and Only Then, Will The People Believe That Justice Was Served......

h/t to thefuriousfrenchman

Sentinal Bridge In The White Mountains, NH


Some info here<<

More info on the >>Flume Gorge << which is very a very interesting attraction:

How the Flume Was Formed

Nearly 200 million years ago in Jurassic times, the Conway granite that forms the walls of the Flume was deeply buried molten rock. As it cooled, the granite was broken by closely spaced vertical fractures which lay nearly parallel in a northeasterly direction.Sometime after the fractures were formed, small dikes of basalt were forced up along the fractures. The basalt came from deep within the earth as a fluid material, and because of pressure, was able to force the Conway granite aside. The basalt crystallized quickly against the relatively cold granite. Because of this quick cooling, the basalt is a fine- grained rock. Had this material ever reached the surface, it would have become lava flows.

Erosion gradually lowered the earth’s surface and exposed the dikes. As the overlying rock was worn away, pressure was relieved and horizontal cracks developed, allowing water to get into the rock layers. The basalt dikes eroded faster than the surrounding Conway granite, creating a deepening valley where the gorge is now.

The gorge was covered by glaciers during the Ice Age, but the ice sheet did not greatly change the surface.  It partially filled the valley with glacial debris and removed soil and weathered rock from the vicinity. After the Ice Age, Flume Brook began to flow through the valley again.

The highly fractured granite and basalt have been eroded by frost action as well as by the brook’s water. As you walk through the Flume, look at the floor of the Gorge and you many notice remnants of the main basalt dike, and on the walls of the gorge, small trees are growing. Erosion is still occurring.

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Meanwhile , Some Irish Comedy...

  I have never heard of Jim Davidson until earlier today when I saw this hilarious clip.
Now I'll be on youtube checking out some more of his shows!

 NSFW language for sure...

Meanwhile, In Poland.....

Do You See That Star atop This Skyscraper in Kudrinskaya Square Moscow?

That one at the top..... waaay up top:

Here, I'll zoom in for ya.....

Now click on the picture of the star  ^^^^^

After you check out the link.. click here and watch the video

Thicker Than A Bowl Of Oatmeal.......

More HERE<<

What If There Is No Justice With All The Recent Scandals That Have Been Exposed To The Light?

"If there is no longer a rule of law respected in America by the very government charged with enforcing same then The Rule of Law no longer exists for anyone."


Fellow Blogger "GOODSTUFF" Has Passed Away.....

  Allen "GOODSTUFF" Reinertsen passed away suddenly it seems. One commenter on his 

FACEBOOK page said he died in his sleep.  RIP Allen.

 These bloggers have mentioned him:



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Here is a cool colorized German WW2 video

Mute the sound if you don't like Blondie.

H/T to Alan in T-town

Careful With That "CNC Machine" Eugene....

As Kenny says "I'm Sure She's Taken, Men "

Add Another To The "List"....


"Hello, Special Prosecutor Mueller's Office, This is Damien may I help you?"

"Uh huh,Yes... Oh Hi , how are you?"

"Of course you can testify against Madame Secretary Clinton."

"Oh, yes!  We absolutely guarantee your safety." 
 "This is America and we protect whistle-blowers for justice with every fiber of our being."

"Uh-huh.  Yes."

"We will gladly meet you and take your official statement."
"Do you have a pencil and paper? ... Great."

"Please gather all of the pertinent documents in your posession, hard drives, thumb drives, recordings, notes and photos and we will meet you at 3:45 AM  at Fort Marcy Park on October 27."
 " Dangerous?  *chuckles* Of course not.  We'll be completely safe."  
"Be sure to bring everything as Mr. Mueller is very thorough."

"A lot of evidence??"
"Well, We can send a truck."  
"Oh, it won't be a problem." 

"Great!, see you then!"

"No problem and you're welcome Ms. Wasserman-Schultz."  
"Looking forward to meeting you very soon."


h/t to Robbie


Go Ahead And Take A Good Guess At What's Missing..........

 I'll wait..





Give up??

Las Vegas shooter's laptop missing its hard drive

 Ya.... no shit huh?

A laptop computer recovered from the Las Vegas hotel room where Stephen Paddock launched the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history was missing its hard drive, depriving investigators of a potential key source of information on why he killed and maimed so many people, ABC News has learned.




very large resolution image here <<

Lots Of Rain Coming Over The Next Two Days.......

"Ooooo That Smell ".....